Tree affirmation cards 

It started with this intuitive painting I did after watching a tutorial by the wonderful Alena Hennessey. After I finished the oak tree I painted a willow and then a birch, and I thought I could turn them into a series - a series a tree cards connected with the seven chakras. 

First card: The maple tree and the root chakra Muladhara. The root chakra is connected to the colour red, and the affirmation is I AM. So you can ask yourself the question who am I, what defines me, what do I stand for. 

The second card shows the willow and the sacral chakra Swadhistana. The colour of the second chakra is orange, it is the seat of our creativity, and the affirmation is I FEEL.
What do you feel, how do you feel? 

The colour of the third chakra Manipura is yellow, it corresponds to your willpower, and the affirmation is I DO. What do you do, how do you do it, are you brave, or rather submissive in your actions?

I LOVE is the affirmation of the heart chakra Anahata. What do you love, who do you love, do you love yourself? 

Vishuddha is the name of the fifth chakra, your throat chakra. The colour is turquoise and the affirmation is I SPEAK. How do you communicate with others? Do you get you? Are you often misunderstood? Do you speak the truth?
The third eye between your eyebrows is the seat of your intuition, the chakra is called Ajna and its colour is dark blue. Do you see clearly? Can you foresee what is happening? Do you trust your intuition?

All is inside us. The seventh chakra is our connection to the universal power and its colour is white as white contains all colours. The affirmation is I KNOW as we contain a deep knowledge of all things. 

These cards are available as greeting cards in my redbubble store. I would like to write a little accompanying booklet to them. 

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